The Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative, or T.O.R.I., is committed to helping and improving the lives of people who've made mistakes in their pasts which make their acceptance back into society a very difficult task. With T.O.R.I. you will find people who are ready to assist ex-offenders in making better decisions in order to avoid repeating an often dangerous and destructive life-cycle.

Rehabilitation of an ex-offender is only one of the necessary steps in improving their life. Assimilation is far more important as it begins to address the triggers which inevitably pressure an offender to make the same faulty decisions which led to their initial incarceration!

T.O.R.I. endeavors to not only address and change the thinking of the ex-offender, but also the perception of society at large. It makes little to no difference to remodel the mentality of ex-criminals while neglecting the society and its citizens who believe the only proper method of handling offenders is by simply locking them up and later releasing them back to our communities without rehabilitation.

For these reasons, we are overjoyed about your visit to our website. We implore you to unite with us and get involved in the work we are doing. While logged on, donate, help spread the word, and sign up to volunteer at our next function. Even read a few of the Success Stories of those who have completed the program. You will be assisting us in changing the lives and minds of people who strive to become something other than what their pasts and society has labeled them...productive members of our society.

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