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Bishop T.D. Jakes, senior pastor of The Potter’s House (TPH) in Dallas, Texas, is the visionary and chief architect behind the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.). Prior to T.O.R.I.’s inception, Bishop Jakes and his TPH team realized that their ministry efforts, including visiting prisons and building deep one-on-one relationships, were impacting inmates and their families on a holistic level. To this end, T.O.R.I. was launched in January 2005 to provide hope – in the form of tangible solutions – for the countless men and women returning to society after incarceration.

Whether an individual needs assistance obtaining housing, employment, education, or healthcare, among other services, T.O.R.I. provides dedicated support that helps former inmates acclimate back into society. Under the stewardship of Bishop Jakes, T.O.R.I. continues to be a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for former inmates seeking help upon release. To date T.O.R.I. has served over 10,000 formerly incarcerated adults across the state of Texas.




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  • Proper healthcare, including physical and mental health, reduces unnecessary disabilities that can hinder employment opportunities, and more.
  • Clients are given access to resources for low income insurance plans, as well as locally affordable health clinics and pharmacies.
  • T.O.R.I. encourages clients to incorporate health education and awareness training as part of their reentry goals.

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  • T.O.R.I. believes that a client’s reentry success or failure is directly correlated to their living environment.
  • In an effort to ensure successful reentry for thousands of clients, T.O.R.I. partners with local shelters, transitional housing programs, property owners, and the local housing authorities.
  • The T.O.R.I. model is effective because our approach to housing assistance goes beyond affordability. We aim to assist clients in obtaining a healthy living environment, including safe neighborhoods.

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  • Clients taking advantage of our educational program offerings develop the confidence they need to compete in today’s dynamic workforce.
  • T.O.R.I. offers access to diverse educational and training programs, including GED training.
  • With professional, yet personable classroom settings that accommodate all learning styles, clients feel comfortable participating in classroom discussions.

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  • Year after year, T.O.R.I. assists thousands of clients in the areas of skills assessment, coaching, and placement.
  • From resume creation and interviewing skills to workplace ethics and attire, these are just a few topics included in T.O.R.I.’s coaching curriculum.
  • T.O.R.I. also aids clients in completing online and hard copy applications.

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  • Unlike other reentry programs across the nation, T.O.R.I. takes a faith-based approach in assisting former inmates returning to their communities.
  • Spiritual support, at the client’s request, is offered in the form of prayer and Bible study, among other methods, to guide clients along their journey.
  • Clients are given access to a professional team of mentors dedicated to reshaping the lives – and narratives – of former inmates.

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  • T.O.R.I. understands that when a person is incarcerated, the entire family is adversely impacted by that incarceration.
  • From feelings of guilt and anger to sadness and fear, therapy is the solution that can heal the family unit.
  • As a solution to this challenge, the family reunification component of T.O.R.I. provides comprehensive intervention to identify family strengths, as well as deficiencies.





National 52% vs T.O.R.I. 11%

Recidivism continues to be a problem in the U.S., with 67% of former prisoners rearrested and 52% reincarcerated within three years of their release.

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