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The Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) was birth from the vision of Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potters House in Dallas, Texas. After the ministry left an indelible impact on the Prisoners visited, former inmates came to the church looking for help upon release. Bishop Jakes recognized the need for re-entry assistance for these inmates who were returning home to their communities and in response created this essential after-care program to address the issues faced by individuals returning back to society after incarceration. The Potter’s House has kept Prison Ministry as a top priority since the inception of its ministry, so it was natural to expand into reentry services. TORI began offering services in January 2005 and has since served over 10,000 formerly incarcerated male and female adults across the state of Texas.

To start the initiative, T.O.R.I. was awarded a Challenge Grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service in December 2004. The grant served the purpose of increasing public health and safety by mobilizing volunteers, especially from faith-­based communities to work with 144 ex­-offenders. The T.O.R.I. program has recruited over 200 professional volunteers including case managers, legal experts (attorneys and judges), certified educators (teachers), trained life-skills group facilitators, trained mentors, and licensed professional counselors.
The five-­city initiative has been successful in achieving its goals by reducing the rate of relapse from substance and alcohol abuse by 50% and employing 63% of the clients enrolled in the program. The Challenge Grant was also instrumental in assisting T.O.R.I. with reducing the recidivism rates of clients with only a 9% recidivism rate as of September 2005
Mission & Vision
T.O.R.I.’s vision is to provide the reentry population with holistic wraparound services, which builds upon resources that are tailored specifically for formerly incarcerated individuals.


The mission of T.O.R.I. is to guide and empower ex-offenders to maximize their potential, increasing their opportunities for successful reintegration into society and to become productive citizens of their communities.
Target Population
T.O.R.I. focuses on male and female ex-offenders that may be experiencing hopelessness, lack of support, unemployment, psychological, social, mental, medical, and/or substance abuse issues that might hinder them from succeeding.
T.O.R.I. was awarded a Challenge Grant in December 2004 for a five-­city collaborative across Texas through the Corporation for National and Community Service. In July of 2006, T.O.R.I. was awarded a support grant to help aid the program as the sponsor for VISTAs of the Dallas/Fort Worth Weed and Seed Communities and the T.O.R.I. programs statewide. Additionally, T.O.R.I. was also awarded the Anti-­Gang Initiative Grant in December 2006, as one of the six cities in the nation to help address reentry through this pilot project of the US Attorney General’s office.


Here at T.O.R.I. we offer an array of supportive services that benefit our Clients in the most effective way


Housing is an essential part of the T.O.R.I. Program. T.O.R.I. understands that every client needs a stable living environment to function effectively in their reentry. T.O.R.I. partners with local shelters, transitional housing programs, property owners, and the local housing authorities to assist clients with independent living for a safe and healthier home.

Family Reunification

T.O.R.I. understands that the entire family is adversely impacted by incarceration. Therefore the family reunification component of T.O.R.I. provides comprehensive intervention to identify family strengths as well as deficiencies and work with family members to increase their ability to function as a unit. Some of the services provided are:
• Mentoring
• Parenting Classes
• Family Support Services
• Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Child/Caregiver Support Groups
• Fatherhood and Motherhood Training
• Mediation and referrals to assist in child custody issues

Employment Coaching

T.O.R.I. assists each client with job skills, coaching, and placement. Coaching sessions include:
• Resume Creation
• Workplace Ethics
• Dress for Success
• Interviewing Skills
• Time Management
• Basic Personal Skills
• Communication Skills
• Assistance with online and hard copy applications


An important element in the T.O.R.I. Program is the emphasis that is placed on education. The classroom, although businesslike, provides an atmosphere of encouragement and positive reinforcement. T.O.R.I. believes education is pivotal for clients’ successful reentry.  T.O.R.I. offers access to a variety of educational and training programs for ex-offenders, including GED training.  We incorporate resources and partnerships to assist ex-offenders in acquiring literacy and marketable skills, increasing their capacity to obtain gainful employment.   The program encourages post-secondary education in vocational and occupationally oriented areas as well as provide assistance in applying for and acquiring federal financial aid programs to pursue traditional college courses for increased educational attainment.  In addition to academic enhancement, the program offers classes and workshops that are fundamental in increasing development of cognitive behavioral thinking and empowerment.

Spiritual Guidance

T.O.R.I. knows that most clients who are struggling with successful reentry depend on some type of spiritual guidance to help encourage them along the way.   At T.O.R.I. every client is given the opportunity to choose from our professional team of trained faith-based volunteers to serve as their mentor or to connect to faith based chaplaincy services and spiritual counseling. In addition, T.O.R.I. mandates monthly community service projects that offers every T.O.R.I. client an opportunity to give back and be productive citizens of their communities. This experience in itself is spiritually rewarding.


Healthcare is an essential component of reentry. Every T.O.R.I. client is given the opportunity to incorporate health education and awareness training as part of their reentry goals.  Further, T.O.R.I. strongly believes every clients health is their greatest asset and should be carefully guarded to ensure a healthy lifestyle. T.O.R.I. provides clients, resources for low income insurance plans, locally affordable health clinics, and pharmacies. T.O.R.I. also encourages good nutrition for healthy living.


Our faith-based team of professionally trained and experienced volunteers will serve as positive role models to coach clients on the road to healthy living


Press Releases

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NBC5 KXAS TV Coverage of 2017 TORI Graduation

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TORI Graduation Celebration on BCNN1

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TORI 2017 Graduation Featured on Old Black Church

Bishop T.D, Jakes and the Potters House of Dallas were truly proud of the hard work, tenacity and achievement of the 160 individuals who were graduating from TORI. Read More>>>

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